Samherji hf. er Ý hˇpi umsvifamestu sjßvar˙tvegsfyrirtŠkja landsins, me­ h÷fu­st÷­var ß Akureyri. Rekstur Samherja byggist ß ˙tger­, sjˇfrystingu,


Samherji is involved in all stages of the value chain from fishing, farming and processing to export and sales. The strong position of Samherji together with knowledge, experience and ...

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Operations in Iceland

Samherji Ltd. is one of the largest companies in the Icelandic fish industry. The company is engaged in operating freezer trawlers, purse seiners as well as land based factories ...

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Operations abroad

Samherji has participated in the fishing industry of other countries since 1994, individually or in cooperation with others. Overseas operations of the Samherji group are around 70% of ...

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Icefresh Seafood LTD

Ice Fresh Seafood emphasises on sales activities, excellent service both for suppliers and customers as well as sales for other producers.

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Latest news

Welcome to The Great Fish Day!

From the Great Fish Day

Samherji welcomes the guests of the Great Fish Day to Dalvik tomorrow Saturday August 11th. The great Fish Day gives everybody a chance to come together, have fun and enjoy seafood, everything of no charge to the guests.


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Statement regarding the Central Bank Currency Department┤s investigation of Samherji hf.

With regard to the media coverage relating to the affairs of Samherji I, in my capacity of the company’s legal counsel, wish to make the following statement:

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Crew share of redfish on Samherjiĺs vessels above average

Allegations as to the undercutting of prices from Samherji’s vessels to its subsidiary in Germany are completely unfounded and Samherji in Iceland is not transferring monetary assets out of Iceland to Icefresh GmbH. All assertions to that effect are ridiculous and completely out of step with reality.

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Press release from Samherji

“Samherji has in every respect complied with the law both as regards foreign exchange transactions and in other matters. The actions taken by the Central Bank of Iceland yesterday are completely unjustified and must either be based on incorrect information or due to other reasons that we are not aware of” says Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson, CEO of Samherji hf. As has been revealed, the Foreign Currency Department of the Central Bank of Iceland has conducted a dawn raid on the offices of Samherji hf. The Central Bank of Iceland has not given Samherji’s management any explanation for these actions.


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Samherji at the Brussels Seafood show

The European Seafood Exhibition has been busy this year and it is clear that we are experiencing a very lively market in the Seafood business. There seems to be a great demand for most species and prices are high.

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The Company

Operating in a system of resource management where the aim is sustainable fishing, Samherji, founded in 1983, is a leading seafood company in Iceland. Outside Iceland, Samherji has operations in Germany, Poland, U.K. and the Faroe Islands. From 2007 in Mauritania and Morocco with headquarters in Las Palmas. And from 2011, participation in a joint venture in France and Spain.

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